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Accomplished Monroe Firm Takes On Cases Arising From Physical Altercations

Depending on the circumstances, a North Carolina assault charge can be classified as a felony or misdemeanor. Regardless of the particular charge, Law Office of Huffman & Kendrick, PLLC in Monroe will defend your rights, investigate the facts, and raise any pertinent defenses. Cases arising from physical altercations can be complicated, and the reporting officer often does not have a full understanding of the situation. With a legacy that dates back to 1961, our firm is committed to securing the fundamental rights of our clients through case preparation and skilled advocacy. Attorney Carol Huffman Kendrick has the ability and insight to evaluate cases promptly and guide accused individuals toward successful results whether the case goes to court or concludes with a fair plea bargain.

Experienced Lawyer Outlines The Various Types Of Assault And Battery Counts

If you’ve been accused of an assault or a related charge associated with an alleged physical confrontation, it’s important to understand your rights and the consequences these allegations.  We have handled these cases for more than 20 years. Starting with a free initial consultation, we can help determine if the charges are appropriate and if self-defense or another type of defense can be raised to counter allegations of:

  • Felony assault — When a deadly weapon is involved or a very serious injury results, a felony assault charge can be filed. These cases can lead to years of imprisonment, so it is crucial to retain a highly qualified defense attorney.
  • Misdemeanor assault charges — Assault (when someone attempts or threatens to cause physical injury), assault and battery (when the victim is struck), and affray (when two people engage in a public fight) are usually classified as misdemeanors unless other factors cited in statutes exist.
  • Assaults involving special circumstances — Cases involving injuries to children, police officers, school employees and sports officials are given special treatment under the state’s assault laws, resulting in upgraded Class A1 misdemeanor charges. This charge can also apply when a women is allegedly struck by a man.

Even when the purported harm is not severe, an individual can face severe punishment. Before you decide on a course of action, it’s best to gain a thoughtful perspective on your situation and legal options.

Contact A Knowledgeable Lawyer For A Free Consultation About An Assault Case

Law Office of Huffman & Kendrick, PLLC advises North Carolina clients who have been charged with assault-related crimes or other charges. Please call 704-761-4030 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation at our office in Monroe.