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Protecting Your Rights For Over Half A Century

If the police arrest you, the government has enormous resources at its disposal and won’t hesitate to use them against you. Though you have fundamental rights, the police can pressure or mislead you into giving them up without an experienced attorney’s counsel.

Law Office of Huffman & Kendrick, PLLC, has offered serious criminal defense representation since 1961. We serve individuals accused of felony, misdemeanor and traffic offenses. Building on the legacy established by her father, Robert L. Huffman, attorney Carol Huffman Kendrick is a knowledgeable, zealous advocate for Monroe-area residents.

Fierce Advocacy And Quality Defense

No matter what the specific charge entails, an arrest is a serious matter that can affect your ability to live the way you wish and care for your family. Though the criminal justice process can proceed slowly, the actions you take immediately upon arrest can have a lasting effect.

We assist men and women who are facing all types of criminal allegations, including those pertaining to:

  • Homicide, sexual assault and matters involving assault and battery charges, including domestic violence
  • Drug crimes such as marijuana possession or the distribution or manufacture of controlled substances
  • DWI and driving offenses
  • Theft–related charges like alleged shoplifting, burglary, robbery and other types of theft

It’s best to retain a qualified criminal defense attorney who can prevent you from providing any potentially misleading or incriminating information to authorities. As a seasoned criminal defense attorney, Carol Huffman Kendrick can evaluate the evidence against you and assess your full range of options.

Do Not Give The Prosecution Any Advantage

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